New iPad Accessory Transforms your iPad in a Pinball Machine

Developers love turning the iPad into something else. With Ion’s All Star Guitar iPad Guitar Controller, your iPad becomes a guitar. With the iCade, your iPad becomes a tabletop arcade cabinet. Now, you can turn your tablet into a pinball table with the Duo Pinball Game Controller.

The Bluetooth-enabled iPad controller was created to work with the popular Pinball HD line of apps. You can download the original Pinball HD for $1.99, or get the free Pinball HD Collection and connect your iPad to the Duo Pinball Game Controller for realistic pinball action.

The pinball mount features tow side buttons to control the on-screen flippers, spring loaded plunger to send your ball flying into action, realistic bump and tilt action, and Bluetooth connectivity.

“Duo Pinball recreates the same tactile, immersive experience players will remember from real arcade pinball machines,” said Mike Sievert, CEO at Discovery Bay Games. “The feel of the buttons, the angle at which the iPad is held, the ball movement and 3D graphics engine – everything about Duo Pinball has been designed to recreate and improve upon a timeless game.”

When you download Pinball HD Collection and connect the controller to your iPad, you’ll unlock one of five pinball tables for free, including Wild West, The Deep, Snow, DaVinci, and Jungle Style. Other games cost between $0.99 and $2.99. Unfortunately, the Duo Pinball Game Controller is only compatible with Gameprom pinball games.

This fun little iPad controller costs just $59.99 and is available from Apple’s online store, as well as participating retailers nationwide.

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  • Chris

    On the iPad pinball controller…. So bummed, cannot believe there’s not one that works with the 2 greatest pinball apps made, zen & PB arcade… Useless, so sad…