PadGadget Essentials: This Week’s Apps and Accessories for Politics and Elections

In honor of the upcoming Presidential election this week we are highlighting ways to use the iPad to keep up with politics and elections, we’ve brought you a breadth of choices for keeping up with political news, teaching kids about government, following White House events, and even how to have some politically-inspired fun whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican.

Now that we’ve shared these resources it’s time to zero in on a few apps and accessories that will help you keep up-to-date with the latest election news, and stay engaged in the political process.


Zite and Flipboard are two go-to apps for election season. While diehard political junkies probably already know this, novices may not be aware that a user can customize both of these beautifully designed media portals to specify how he receives his news. Whether a user loves Rachel Maddow or prefers Fox News, both of these free, universal apps help readers keep up with their favorite media outlets.

Using Zite or Flipboard, iPad users can catch up on multiple news streams in one place. Flipboard allows users to follow along on Twitter and Facebook while watching the Presidential Debates. How else are you going to gauge friends’ reactions to new Twitter accounts like @SilentJimLehrer or understand why Big Bird is trending.

Both Zite and Flipboard help iPad users stay au courant, and best of all, the apps bring readers all of the news they choose, and nothing they don’t want to read. After the election a user can just update his preferences and return to his regularly scheduled social media diet.


People show patriotism in many ways. While exercising ones right to vote tops this list, iPad owners can also buy American made products, a practice that tends to support small business and grows our economy.

Show off your rugged individualism with Copper River Bag Company’s handsome leather iPad sleeve. This simple, yet durable iPad case comes with a 100-year warranty! The sleeve is compatible with all iPad models and is lined with suede to protect your device. Buy this iPad essential accessory from the company’s website for $43.50.

Despite being named after Cold War Era Russian space explorers, Studio Neat’s handsome Cosmonaut Stylus is made in the United States. Not only is this chunky stylus is easier to hold and harder to lose than most other styli, but buying one is another way to support your country through your wallet. Order the Cosmonaut Stylus from the company’s website for $25.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite