Independent Political Apps For the Rebel Voter In Your Life

The Independent party is less of an ironclad ideology and more of an idea. Basically, Independents are tired of the two-party system. Not everyone’s political views can fit snuggly into Democratic or Republican. That is how third-party candidates are born. The Independent party is one of the more successful third-party groups to exist. With the likes of Michael Bloomberg, Ralph Nader and Ron Paul having run for president in the past under the Independent party, it has received more attention than any other third-party group. For those of you who think of yourself as an Independent, or at least think of yourself as an outsider, politically, we’ve got a couple of apps you might like.

Organic Liberty (Free) This political app collects data on all candidates for the upcoming election. Find out who is running for State Representative in your town, or who is running for president (not that you shouldn’t already know that). Each candidate is listed without party affiliation. You can research who you might vote for without worrying about which side they are on. The candidates’ contact information and social media links are listed with their names. Add your favorites and you the app will remind you who you chose to vote for on election day.

 The Independent (Free) This media publication is actually from the UK, but it is still a comprehensive source for independent news. Without taking itself too serious, The Independent offers news on current events, sports, art, and of course, daily news. Read about environmental issues that aren’t talked about in American media much and learn more about the world through the independent lens (not the PBS television show). The app is free to download, but subscriptions cost $13.99 per month.

Real Clear Politics for iPad (Free) This app is a news feeder from the website of the official media organization. is one of the more popular Independent party political websites. This app provides daily updates on world news, polling data, commentary, videos and more. If you are tired of the same old reports on the same two people, check out this app to find something a little bit different.

Comedy Central’s Indecision Election Companion (Free) This app is not affiliated with the Independent party, but it is a humorous way to read up on how lame the two-party system has gotten. It leans to the left, but tries to stay in the middle for the most part. There are plenty of jokes at President Obama’s expense to be had in this app. There is no video content, but you will be delivered a healthy dose of funny images, ironic observations and satirical statements on the nature of politics.

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