New iPad mini Parts Leak, More Evidence of Likelihood of November Launch

If you ask anyone who follows the launch of Apple products, they will tell you that parts suppliers are the signifier of whether a rumor is true or not. Mockups and drawings are one thing, but when parts makers start to sneak out bits of information, you can be assured that a rumor is probably true. Earlier this week, we saw pictures of the purported backside of the iPad mini, showing a nano-SIM tray, evidence of a cellular antenna, and a black backing. Today, what might be considered insignificant to some and evidence of truth to others showed up on the Web.

French-language blog  NoWhereElse discovered a “tweet” that showed a purported “headphone jack flex for the iPad mini.” The images show the headphone jack in both black and white. It has been widely rumored that the iPad mini would come in both colors.

The headphone jack may not seem like much, but it adds to the likelihood of the purported upcoming launch of the iPad mini. We’ve heard news that factories are hard at work in Brazil and China. The Wall Street Journal threw in their two cents recently. Fortune announced that an unnamed source knows that Apple will be sending invitations to a product event starting Oct. 10.

As days tick by, we will see more and more of these images. If the Fortune’s rumor proves to be true, we will know next Wednesday whether Apple really does have a product launch up their sleeve for this Holiday season.

[Via: Apple Insider]

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