Charge All of Your iDevices at Once with the Kanex Sydnee Central Charging System – iPad Gear Review

Most of us iPad fans have more than one Apple device in our homes. In my house, we have five iDevices, including two iPads and three iPhones. This can make charging tricky, and there are often iPads, iPhones, and cables strewn around my countertops, desks, and bedside tables.

It’s a messy situation, and if you can relate to my dilemma, there’s an easy solution available for you, from Kanex. The Kanex Sydnee is an all inclusive charging station that is able to support four different iPads and iPhones at once.

Design and Construction

As soon as I peeked inside the box from Kanex, I was impressed with the Sydnee. This company knows how to package – everything was nicely organized and easy to use right out of the box.

The Sydnee comes with the charging station (which plugs right into the wall) and three short USB cables to plug into your iDevices. This version did not come with a lightning charger or adapter but I was able to use the one that came with my iPhone 5 with no problems. The USB side of the cords plug into the station, and the connecter side plugs in to your iPads or iPhones.

This docking solution has a rounded, oval shape that allows it to hold up to four iPads at one time. One fits in the front, and the others go in the second and third shelves. I was able to fit in iPads in cases and out of cases. Phones also fit into any section of the station. There are only three openings, designed for three iPads and one iPhone, but I easily squeezed two iPads into a single opening, so it can hold four with no issues.

At the top of the Sydnee, there’s a grooved yellow insert that keeps cords in one specific spot, and while the station comes with shorter cords, if you want to use a longer one, you can wrap it around the base. This is very handy for keeping all of your cords neat, tidy, and organized.

The Sydnee itself has a nice, modern look that fits well into any decor. You can get it in black or white, so it can fit into a kitchen, an office, or a bedroom with no problems.


The Sydnee charging station plugs into any standard plug, and is able to charge up to four iPads at once. Each individual USB port pumps out 2.1 Amps of power, which charged both my iPad and my husband’s iPad as quickly as the standard iPad charger.

I wasn’t sure how functional the Sydnee would be in practice, but it turns out being able to charge all of my iDevices at the same time is incredibly handy, and though I tried, I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this charger.

If you’re worried about power consumption when using the charging station, there’s no need. The Sydnee has an auto detect smart charge for optimum power supply to charge each connected device, and it will automatically stop drawing power when the device has a full battery.

Possibly the most useful thing about the Sydnee was the way that it kept all of my cords hidden and tangle free. My countertops look a lot neater with all of my iDevices stacked inside the Sydnee, and all of the different cord organization options meant I had no extra cords lying around.

Because of the way the Sydnee is designed, it’s easy to move around. You can pick up the entire unit after unplugging just one cord, so if you want to take this to the office and the home again, you won’t have any trouble.

Don’t worry about power surges or spikes either – this unit has full surge protection, plus a built-in short circuit breaker.


The Sydnee is pricy at almost $150, but if you’re a stickler for organization and you want a way to keep all of your iDevices in the same place, it’s well worth the cost.

It’s actually a small price to pay when you take into account the time it will save you hunting down all of those different charging cords, and your home or office will look much more put together without electronic devices lying around everywhere.

If you live in a household with multiple iDevices, the Sydnee is a must have charging solution. You can get your own from the Kanex website for $149.

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