Keep Your iPad Safe with the ReAuthored Book Style Case – iPad Gear Review

I love to read on my iPad, so I have always been a fan of book style iPad cases, like those from manufacturers like Pad and Quill and Dodocase.

Book style cases give you the functionality of a tablet combined with a traditional book feel, plus a layer of protection that’s unbeatable. The iPad 3 Book Case from ReAuthored goes one step further – this isn’t just a book style case, it’s an actual book.

That’s right, ReAuthored Cases are made from real books. When you open them, there’s a title page, a functional introductory page, and a cutout for your iPad, which is not only highly usable, it’s also a great way to hide an expensive electronic device.

Design and Construction

Every single ReAuthored case is hand constructed, and let me tell you, it shows. This case is gorgeously made, and a lot of attention was paid to every detail. These cases are crafted by a husband and wife team, who went through a lot of trial and error to find the perfect design.

As I mentioned, these cases are crafted from real books. The case I reviewed was originally a book on Egypt, which was recovered with a soft brown faux leather that has a nice, classic look.

Its subdued cover fits right in with any decor, but if brown isn’t your thing, there are other classy designs and colors available. Because these are made from books, each one is entirely unique. You can even get one without a covering, displaying the original design of the book.

I can open a few pages of the original book before getting to the iPad holder, which has been meticulously cut out from the original pages. This iPad holder is lined with the same soft material that covers the front, and my third generation iPad fits snugly inside.

There are two black elastic straps to hold the iPad in place, ensuring that it won’t go anywhere when I am using the case. A pull tab allows for super simple removal.


Because this case is constructed from a hardback book, it is oversized and a bit on the heavy side when your iPad is inside. However, this also provides fantastic protection for the iPad – it’s almost comparable to ultra sturdy cases like the Otterbox.

Here are the approximate dimensions, though they vary with each book:

Height: 11“
Width: 8.5”
Depth: .5″
Weight: 1 lb

It’s tough to damage a hardback book, so the Book Case is a very safe enclosure for an iPad. While I wouldn’t recommend kicking your iPad around in this book case, it did hold up during drop tests.

Because the iPad is held securely in place with straps, you can still use it to do anything you would normally do with an iPad. You can play games, read with ease, and travel with your mind at ease because your iPad is guaranteed to be safe inside this case. There’s an outer strap as well, which keeps the case securely closed (you can order your case without this, if you want a more discrete look).

It’s also an amazing hiding spot. If you’re going away from home and not taking the iPad, simply put it in this book case, add the case to your bookshelf, and no one will be the wiser.

You won’t be able to access all of the buttons on the iPad, and there is no sleep/wake functionality in this case, but you can use the home button and removal is easy enough that it takes just a few seconds to get access to other buttons.


This case is oversized, but a must have for bibliophiles. I think one of these cases with the original book cover would be fantastic, and you can even send in your own book to be turned into an iPad case.

Even if you don’t use this case all the time, it’s still a fantastic solution for travel. There is no better disguise for the iPad than a hollowed out book, and this is the best that you will find.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to use this case at all times, thanks to the straps and the easy iPad removal method, so if you want a unique case that will keep your iPad safe from both drops and prying eyes, the iPad 3 Book Case from ReAuthored is a great choice.

You can get your own iPad 3 Book Case from the ReAuthored website for just $59.00. That’s an amazing deal for a case that’s gorgeously made entirely customizable.

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