FACET iPad Stand is Sleek and Sturdy – a Kickstarter Project

Many iPad owners bought Apple’s Smart Cover when it was released hoping to find a one-stop solution to waking the iPad from sleep, covering its screen, and supporting it at an angle. For many users, however, the Smart Cover is less than ideal as a stand, particularly if the user likes to prop up her device on a bed or other uneven surface. Enter FACET, the smart-looking, multi-angle magnetic stand that’s about to wrap up its Kickstarter funding period.

FACET is so close to reaching its modest 15K goal, but interested backers must pledge before the funding period ends this coming Monday October 8, 2012.

If funded, FACET will be manufactured in black and white, to go with the iPad’s two available colors. Pledge $30 to receive a black FACET or $50 to receive one black unit and one white unit.

FACET will hold the iPad securely at three different angles: 35°, 55°, and 75°, yet the device maintains a low profile so the iPad stays looking sleek. FACET works with either the iPad 2 or the new iPad.

Here’s a look at FACET’s technical specs:

FACET’s creators, the zakka-inspired ilovehandles are straight out of Portlandia (er, I mean Portland, OR), so FACET is going to look good whether you use it in a hipster-run coffee shop or in your Bungalow’s kitchen. It fits easily into a bike messenger bag and looks great sitting on a desktop.

If you need FACET (and you know you do), head to Kickstarter and pledge to help make this sleek stand a reality. If you need an ilovehandles fix before this November (FACET’s expected delivery date) head to the company website and pick up a clever accessory for your iPad or other Apple device. I’m partial to the CYCLOPS. RAAAAWWWRRRRRRRR.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite