New Purported iPad Mini Images Show Nano-SIM Tray

That iPad mini rumor mill is really going strong this week. Today, Apple Insider uncovered more supposed images of the smaller sized tablet from a Russian-language blog site that appears to show evidence of a nano-SIM tray(3), as well as the Lightning dock connector (4), a top-side headphone jack (1), a cellular antenna cover (2) and an anodized aluminum backing that is similar to the iPhone 5.

There has been a lot of speculation lately about what the next generation iPad would look like. The iPad mini has generated even more predictions, conjecture, and opinions. UkrainianiPhone’s (translated with Google Translate) images are the first to show a black backing to the rumored 7.85-inch tablet.

In addition to the unusual look that these new images have, the hole for a nano-SIM tray suggests that Apple plans to offer the device with 4G LTE connectivity. This is something that some have predicted would not be featured on the iPad mini due to the costly nature of the technology.

The images also show a thinner portrait bezel, which collaborates earlier rumors. The front panel appears to have the traditional home button, front-facing camera and it apparently will come in either black or white.

A close inspection of the backside of the back panel shows the Apple logo and the name of the device. Conspicuously absent is the additional language that Apple includes on the back of all devices. That is, the storage size and additional footnote information. It is possible that the writing is too dark to see because of the quality of the image. However, it is more likely that these images are not to be trusted.

[Via: Apple Insider]

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