Have Some Silly Political Fun with These Games for Democrats

Tired of political debates with friends, family, and co-workers? Need to let off some steam? If you’re a democrat, you’ll want to take a look at these silly games that are aimed at the Democratic party. With these apps you can drive along with Barack Obama, campaigning and winning votes, or beat the snot out of Mitt Romney. If you’re a Republican, make sure to take a look at our sister list of Games for Republicans.

Drive with Barack Obama (Free) – In this fun arcade style game you’ll control Barack Obama and race down the road, collecting cash, stars, votes, political symbols, and other campaign essentials. Look out, though – you need to help Obama avoid obstacles in the road like cars, traffic cones, and road spikes. It’s game over if you run into one! You can also unlock other characters like Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney’s dog. Of course, you’re not limited to one car – there are more that you can buy if you’re a speed racer.

Vote!!! (Free) – This zany fighting game was developed by Chair Entertainment, the very same team that created one of the most popular iPad apps in existence – Infinity Blade. In Vote!!! You can play as Barack Obama in a slapstick battle against Mitt Romney for the White House. You can equip your candidate with iconic American outfits and accessories, and use your fighting skills to unlock score boosters to rack up the highest score and win votes for victory. You won’t want to miss this cartoon-style political slugfest, which is filled with crazy weapons like ice cream cones, microphones, and sparklers.

Fat Cats ($0.99) – If you’re tired of Fat Cats making the world their litter box, then this is the game for you. In this silly cartoon game you’ll crush these penny pinching kitties, restoring the nation’s riches to the 99 percent. Fat Cats features seven levels of gameplay, fun characters, and plenty of replay value as you try to take down the Fat Cat Empire time and time again. Not only will you battle fat cats, you’ll war against vultures, market bears, and wolves-in-sheep’s clothing as you fight back against multinational corporations hoarding all the cash.

Bankers vs. Humans HD (Free) – Angry at bankers? This is the game for you. In Bankers vs. Humans, you will play as a Fat Trader, Slick Banker, Hippie, or Intellectual, using strategy and reflexes along with technology like rocket launchers, helicopter drops, and jet packs to make your way up the corporate ladder, avoiding dangerous obstacles like private jets, poison pills, SEC investigations, and mob protests. You can play either side of the coin – if you’re a human, your goal is to be president, and if you play as a banker, the goal is to make your way to CEO as soon as possible.

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