45 Percent of iPad Users Already Running iOS 6

iOS 6 was released on September 19, just days before the release of Apple’s newest iPhone. Apple has always done exceptionally well rolling out updates to its operating system, but iOS 6 was an unprecedented success in terms of adoption rates.

Just 48 hours after release, iOS 6 was on 25 percent of total Apple devices. It took five days before iOS 5 was on 21 percent of phones and tablets, so adoption rates have ramped up significantly.

Chitika Insights, the company that ran the adoption rate study, took a look at millions of mobile ad impressions from its ad network from September 18 to October 1 in order to determine which devices were being updated the fastest.

The result? 60 percent of iPhone owners have updated their devices, while 45 percent of iPad owners have updated their tablets. Just 39 percent of iPod users have updated to iOS 6, due to the fact that many older iPod touches can’t be updated past iOS 4.

Currently, 45 percent of iPad owners have iOS 6, while 39 percent are still running iOS 5.1. A small percentage are using other operating systems, like iOS 5.

So how does Apple compare to other carriers? Well, Google’s data shows that only 22 percent of its users are running the newest versions of Android, an unimpressive number compared to Apple’s 45 percent adoption rate over 11 days.

Have you updated your devices to iOS 6? Why or why not?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/gbmini Ian Cull

    These stats are heavily skewed by the type of user – it’s surely the case that many users don’t surf the web much, so don’t appear in the stats. Those same users likely haven’t upgraded (yet); less technically interested, less able to download big data, etc