iPad Mini Event Possibly Scheduled for October 17

iPad MiniJust when you thought you’d heard the last of the iPad mini rumors, we’ve got a big one for you. Today, Fortune is spreading some gossip that may or may not be true. If their sources are correct, Apple will be holding another event in October where they will announce the upcoming launch of the 7.85-inch tablet.

Fortune quoted an unnamed, “major Apple investor” who claims that he heard from multiple sources that the iPad maker is preparing to announce the smaller sized tablet in just a few weeks.

That’s nothing new. We know. But this secretive industry insider has also offered a date. Apparently, Apple will be mailing their invitation out on Oct. 10. This would mean that the event will most likely take place a week later on the 17th. This would also mean that the highly anticipated but still not confirmed iPad mini would hit store shelves two weeks later on Nov. 2.

If the rumors turn out to be true, this will be the first time that Apple has released two iPads in one year. We are hyper-aware that the company sticks with tradition and normally releases an iPad in the spring and an iPhone in the fall. However, with the third-generation not receiving a number designation, it appears that Apple might be trying to break us of the idea that the tablet will receive the same treatment as the phone. It is possible that Apple will release updates to the iPad in the same manner as it does with the iPod line of products. Instead of releasing a new model every year, Apple redesigns the music players every few years on an as-needed (or as wanted) basis.

There has been much speculation as to whether and when Apple would release a smaller tablet. We’ve seen supposedly leaked pictures of the device and upcoming cases to fit the new model. We’ve surmised that Apple might be trying to compete with the low-cost genre. We have even predicted a price point. None of the speculation has been proven true. However, the only thing that has been proven false was the early rumor that the iPad mini would be announced at Apple’s iPhone 5 event. Oct. 10 is only a week-and-a-half away. We’ll know soon enough if this secretive investor really has inside information or if he is just full of beans.

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