Get A Harvard Education on Your iPad

If you’ve been reading much tech news within the past year, you probably already know that Harvard, MIT, UC Berkley, and others have begun offering free online courses to anyone willing to enroll. Many professors have even started posting their entire lectures on streaming video sites like YouTube that don’t require any amount of participation. You can simply watch and learn. Net Power & Light, Inc. recently teamed up with Harvard University professor Michael Sandel to create an app that allows users to watch his lectures on justice in a virtual classroom so that viewers can interact with each other in a group setting.

Net Power & Light is a San Francisco-based app development company that has created a handful of apps to allow users to watch media in a group setting and interact with each other. As a group, you can watch a lecture, pause to discuss, make notes on the screen for other to see, or chat with someone privately using individual audio channels.

Professor Sandel’s 12-part series is available through TogetherJustice. Users can invite others to watch the classes together. Sandel even included discussion guides for viewers to follow. “It offers great promise of convening groups of people, students and also citizens in general to engage in discussion and debate of important questions,” said Sandel. “It can potentially be a very valuable tool for civic engagement and enriching public discourse.”

Net Power & Light also released two other educational apps. TogetherTalks allows users to watch Ted Talks lectures together and discuss what they’ve learned, express their opinions, and interact in a classroom-like setting. TogetherLearn lets you create your own, custom learning experience using media from Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NASA, MIT, Harvard, UC Berkley, Stanford, and more.

You may not be able to enroll in an ivy league college this semester, but you can learn from the masters, and always take classes with your friends.

[Via: Bloomberg News]

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