Analyst: iPad mini production could reach 10M units in Q4

According to an analyst at Barclays, manufacturers may be preparing to build over 10 million units of the upcoming iPad mini during the fourth quarter of 2012 alone, indicating that Apple is expecting a high demand for their more budget-friendly iPad over the holiday season.

Most of them are expected to be produced by Foxconn, a veteran Apple manufacturer.  Pegatron is also reportedly contracted to produce 3 million units.

Production was initially expected to increase in September, but both companies are facing component shortages that are causing large-scale production delays into October.  Despite these issues, analyst Kirk Yang believes Apple will continue with its original plan to launch the device this month.

“As most iPad component vendors ramp up shipments in September that would continue into the fourth quarter of 2012, we do not see any signs of a postponed shipment schedule, suggesting an on-time October product launch,” Yang said.

The 7.85 inch iPad mini is being pegged as a larger iPod touch and will reportedly will have 8 GB of storage, a thinner screen frame and a resolution at least as good as the original iPad, but possibly the same as the iPad 2.  Like the full-size iPad, it should be offered in both WiFi and 3G/4G versions, and is rumored to start at a price point of $299.

[via Electronista]

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