Facebook Revamps iOS Messenger App with New Features and Better Performance

Facebook is still hard at work on the iOS updates, after revamping its iOS app just over a month ago. Facebook’s previous app was often ridiculed for being ultra sluggish and hard to use, but the app has been performing much better since the release of the updated version.

Today Facebook added improvements for another one of its apps, the Facebook Messenger, which is the company’s standalone messaging app.

The new version of the messaging app adds support for both iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, plus bug fixes, speed improvements, and some handy new interface changes.

Users can now swipe left anywhere in the app to quickly check who is online and to send messages, and there’s also a new favorites list that lets people quickly access the friends that they message the most.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of Facebook’s improvements, because though its apps are functioning better, there’s definitely room for further enhancement.

If you don’t already use it, you can download the Facebook Messenger app from the App Store for free.

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