Apple Updates App Store with VoiceOver Fixes

ios6Unbeknownst to many of us, Apple’s iOS 6 was a serious downgrade from iOS 5 in terms of accessibility. In iOS 5, the App Store had voiceover capabilities that allowed an app descriptions, ratings, and more to be read out loud, features that were missing from iOS 6 when it was released on September 19.

After complaints from visually-impaired users, Apple quickly rolled out a fix, which went live yesterday.

The App Store’s VoiceOver options have been greatly improved with the update. App ratings are now read aloud, and app screenshots have clear labels that are read for visually impaired users.

This update has also added a picker control to the Search and Genius tabs that lets you quickly move through the listed apps, so browsing through search results is quicker than ever.

It is nice to see that Apple’s accessibility options take priority, as usual for the company.

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