PadGadget Essentials — This Week’s Apps and Accessories for Your iPad at Work

iPad at Work

Everybody loves their iPad for what it can do for them at home –but Apple’s tablet is also a great addition to your work life. This week we introduced you to a few apps and accessories that will also extend the usefulness of the iPad to your office.


Anybody using Microsoft’s OneNote for collaboration around the office will appreciate the app from Microsoft that will extend the functionality of their successful software to your iPad.

If your career has you participating in regular meetings and conferences, the iPad can be a handy companion. Our weekly series this week introduced you to 6 new apps that will make your meeting time more productive.

flighttrackproWould it support your business to create instructional videos? Tutorials for your latest product or service? One of these iPad video apps may just help you to come off looking like a professional.

Are your clients or colleagues some distance away? Do you find yourself traveling a lot? See why we recommended apps like Flight Track Pro and Kayak in our piece outlining Five Great Apps for the Business Traveler.


In a world where appearances can be everything, slick accessories like the Libratone Zipp Wireless Speakers may just help to hit you a home run during your next presentation.

Your home isn’t the only place where space is at a premium. Consider the xWallDock Kickstarter project that integrates a slim and close-to-the-wall stand that you place right near a wall outlet so your iPad can charge.

As you start to think about how you may integrate your iPad into your business life, see our recommendations on making your iPad Work for You in the Corporate World.

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