Get Your Stomp On With IK Multimedia’s iRig Stomp – Hands On iPad Accessory Review

When it comes to wailing on the guitar or bass, nothing beats having a stompbox on hand to let you switch between sounds as you clean up your tone for that shredding solo. Having an entire arsenal of effects pedals in one location can also enhance your rockitude. Now, if only there were a way to have both. Oh, wait, there is. IK Multimedia offers a plethora of effects pedal options for making your axe sing like a banshee with their various AmpliTube apps (my personal favorite is AmpliTube Slash) and now you can have the convenience of a stomp box combined with the collection of effects right on your iPad with the new iRig Stomp.

The iRig Stomp is literally an adaptor for your electric guitar and bass. Plug your ¼ inch  guitar cord into the box and, using the included 1/8 inch connector cable, plug it into your iPad and you are ready to go. Well, almost ready. Since the headphone jack is being used, you won’t be able to hear anything from the iPad without plugging in either headphones, a guitar amp, or a stereo system.

That’s right, there are three different ways to experience your epic guitar solos through the iRig Stomp. If you don’t want anyone listening to you while you are practicing, plug in your headphones. The ear buds that came with your iPad will do just fine, but if you have a high-quality set of headphones, use those instead.

If you want to turn your iPad into a virtual pedalboard, plug the iRig Stomp directly into your amp. All you need is a standard ¼ inch cable. You can get the awesome tone of a Fender amp through a Peavey practice amp. You can also stick it right in with all your preexisting pedals. Who needs all that expensive equipment when you’ve got AmpliTube for iPad.

If you keep your amp at the practice space, but want to blaze metal like a rock star in your living room, you can still turn it up to 11 by connecting the iRig Stomp into a stereo using an RCA left/right cable. You’ll be ticking off your neighbor in no time at all.

The iRig Stomp is small and lightweight. It is actually about the size of an iPhone, except about 1 ½ inches thick. If your pants are baggy enough, you could put it in your pocket. It is designed to fit comfortably with a typical pedalboard.

The box is very responsive. Tap the cutoff switch to silence your guitar, tap it again to let the feedback ring. The audio control knob is big enough that you can use your foot to turn the volume up or down.

While the extensive line of AmpliTube effects apps offers more than enough support for your guitar and bass needs, the iRig Stomp can be used with any iOS app that is compatible with the iPad or iPhone’s headphone jack. That means, you can use recording programs like GarageBand or effects boards like StompBox.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing an iRig, or any other adaptor that lets you plug your guitar into your iPad, get the iRig Stomp instead. It works just like an adaptor, but comes with the added feature of offering three different ways to listen to your shredding solos.

What I liked: Everything about this little gadget is fantastic. It is compact, yet sturdy. It works perfectly as a guitar-to-iPad adaptor. It offers multiple uses, including the ability to connect through an amp or piggyback across a pedalboard.

What I didn’t like: Honestly, nothing. I’ll be using the iRig Stomp every time I’m practicing guitar at home. It works great and turns my iPad “studio” into a pretty rockin’ outfit.

The Verdict: If you’ve been on the market for an adaptor that lets you plug your guitar into your iPad, this little device is worth every penny.

  • Name: iRig Stomp
  • Manufacturer: IK Multimedia
  • Price: $59.99
  • Score:

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  • Fred

    So do u mean that i connect my iRig stomp to garageband through the 3.5mm/1/8” jack headphones jack?

    • Lory Gil

      yes. Then, you plug in an external audio source, like headphones or a stereo jack into the iRig Stop.

  • blessed56

    You have successfully used iRig Stomp with Garageband on an iPad? I am having difficulty with routing issues.

    • Lory Gil

      I have. Did you plug in an external audio device, like headphones? I have not used the iRig Stop with Garage Band since the iOS 7 update. Check IK Multimedia’s website to see if there is any information regarding compatibility issues.