Can You Put an End to the Zombie Horde In Dead Stop?

Chillingo is on a role this week. Not only did the publishing company release fun endless runner Electric Tentacle, it also released tower defense game Dead Stop.

Dead Stop isn’t your typical tower defense title. Oh no. It’s much more exciting than your standard war-based tower game, with attacking, brain-hungry zombies and an array of mad science weaponry.

In the game, the dead have risen from their graves. The only one around to save the day is a mad scientist, who employs crazy defenses like hammer-swinging towers and electrifying Tesla Coils.

You must help him fend off the zombies, using interactive power-ups like a zombie-zapping weather machine in order to stay on top of the horde.

Dead Stop features 30 different stages, each with an objective to complete, plus several different game areas. There are other game types to spice up the regular gameplay, like the zombie maze and the survival mode.

You can download Dead Stop from the App Store right now for just $0.99.

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