Almost 100% of Tablet-based Web Browsing on iPad

A new study released yesterday claims that the iPad accounts for a whopping 98.1% of all tablet web traffic on sites running the Onswipe platform, clearly showing that iPad users seem to be the most engaged in browsing on their tablets.

Onswipe, a digital publishing tool developer that helps websites create “touch friendly” web experiences, found that the iPad represented 98.1% of tablet traffic on 29.5 million unique impressions over 1200 sites from September 13 through September 20.  Granted, it’s a small subset of data, but it’s still an incredibly significant lead margin.

It was also reported that the iPad accounted for 54.5% of web traffic across all mobile devices, more than doubling the iPhone’s share of 19% despite having far fewer units on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab nabbed second place with 1.53% across all models, and the Kindle Fire came in fourth with just .11% – despite the tiny margin, the Fire has actually seen a bump in web content engagement with users spending 79% more time per page visit compared to iPad users.  Maybe they’re just having trouble deciphering everything on those tiny screens?

In terms of operating systems, Apple’s iOS also dominates with 75% of total mobile content consumption across Onswipe’s monitored network, with Android coming in second at 22.3% and all others in a distant third with 2.5%.

Another recent Onswipe study conducted on Wednesday noted the rapidly climbing iOS 6 adoption rate despite the complaints, reportedly accounting for 40.8% of all iOS traffic for visitors to partner sites.  Of the 250,000 iOS users studied, 57% of iPhone users and 38% of iPad users had upgraded to iOS 6.

Not surprisingly, Apple continues to dominate the tablet market with the iPad, leaving competitors far behind in its wake.

About Jenni: Jenni is a healthy-living food blogger who rarely lets her iPad leave her side. Find her on Twitter @spoonfulatatime.