These iPad Video Apps Will Make You Look Like a Professional

Video EditingAbout 24-hours ago I was reminiscing while watching a video taken at my daughter’s very first ballet recital. The pride and joy of some other parent was tacked on to the beginning and end of my prized video and I began wondering how best to whip it into the kind of production worthy of sharing with man, woman and grandparent (that last of which is likely the least discerning).

After taking the best of the best video apps for a test-drive, I have narrowed down the list to three that can be considered must-haves for anybody with a little footage to edit.

iMovieiMovie ($4.99) – It may not come as much surprise that Apple would have an entry of their own that can take good advantage of the camera technology included in the iPad. With iMovie you can easily create trailers for your video, add sound effects, credits and transitions that will make your boring home movie into actual entertainment. Full integration with iOS means that sharing out to your favorite social media site, streaming over AirPlay or even just saving your creation to the Camera Roll is a piece of cake.


SpliceSplice – Video Editor ($3.99) – Just as the name of this app may suggest, the strength is in the ability to splice together content from a variety of photographs and videos to make a cinematic masterpiece. Once you pick your visuals, add in the audio by choosing tracks from your iTunes library or narrating with your own voice –consider recording while having your kids talk about the experiences they had during the moments when you were capturing the stuff you see on-screen.


Pinnacle StudioPinnacle Studio ($7.99) – Long before there was an iPad, there was Corel. Best known for signature products like Word Perfect and CorelDraw, Corel has made an app that lets you easily follow your movie’s timeline (giving you precise edits on specific frames) while adding high-quality transitions, effects, and audio (with custom levels and fade options). Loaded with all the extras, this app provides the granular control you crave combined with the ease of use you need.


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  • David Wilder

    A professional? Eh, more like they make your videos tolerable to actually watch.