Libratone Zipp Wireless Speakers’ Flashy Design a Great Fit for Your iOS Device


One of the reasons we love our iPads and iPhones so much is because they look good. They are sleek and beautiful and we love to carry them around with us. Why wouldn’t this same feeling extend to our accessories? Libratone bets that it does and proves with with their new Zipp Wireless Speakers.

Using a technology that Libratone calls FullRoom™ sound, the Zipp Wireless Speaker can fill your room with rich sound dispersed in all directions (instead of from within closed cabinetry like many speakers do). Even wirelessly, Libratone asserts that between Apple Lossless technology, the digital signal processing, and the high-end components, “your audio experience is absolutely safe.”

Featuring their new Libratone PlayDirect™ technology, the Zipp Wireless Speaker offers you true AirPlay on the go. This is the true beauty: no Wi-Fi is required, the speaker will handily create a direct Wi-Fi connection between your speaker and any compatible iOS device. No BlueTooth pairing. No Internet needed. Libratone gives you music in the car, in the park, in the office or even as you walk around everywhere and anywhere (for up to 8 hours wired or up to 4 hours wirelessly per charge).

Of course, no iOS device accessory would be complete without an app! Using their free Libratone app you can customize your listening with placement information and adjustable equalizer settings.

Need to have your own Zipp Wireless Speaker (or already thinking about holiday gifts for the upcoming season)? Order yours directly from the Libratone website in one of two available color packs (your favorite zip-on cover and 2 additional spares) for USD $449. Need even more color in your life? Add additional covers to your order for USD $49 (available in your favorite choice of salty grey, pepper black, pineapple yellow, raspberry red, passion pink, plum purple, icy blue and petrol blue).

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  • Bill McLaughlin

    Seriously? 450 bucks! Looks like more designer snake oil has arrived…