Intego Releases VirusBarrier for iOS

VirusUnfortunately there are a large number of malicious people out there that prefer to put their considerable coding talents to use making viruses instead of something more productive. Because of these people you should be sure that you are always taking good care to protect your systems (and the systems of the individuals you communicate with).

While iOS itself is less susceptible to virus activity (so far), it can certainly serve to pass them along by way of email attachments and other files –luckily the VirusBarrier app from Intego can help!

Everybody who has received an email or downloaded a file from the Internet has contemplated whether it was wise to do so, virus scanners take the uncertainty out of these activities and let you minimize the risk of passing along (or infecting yourself) with a suspicious or malicious file. (Many of you with children using iOS devices may appreciate this even more than others as it can be difficult to explain how to judge the safety of any files they download.)

Built using their award-winning VirusBarrier X6 technology, Intego boasts offering on-demand scanning for all known Mac OS X, Windows and Unix viruses and malware from getting through your device. Additional features include a built in file-reader, the ability to also scan .ZIP archives, scans completed in the background (with results written to a log you can review at any time) and functionality that automatically emails or sends files to popular cloud services such as Dropbox and Evernote after scanning.

With an app like this it is easy and painless to keep viruses at bay.

Virus Screenshot

Anybody with an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS version 4 or higher can grab VirusBarrier directly from the app store for USD $0.99: a small price to pay, it would seem, for peace of mind.

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  • Captain ZADL

    So it can read files outside its sandbox? Ummmm…. right. Unless it’s re-downloading your mail independently of your Mail App, it shouldn’t be able to work at all.