Google Reportedly Working on $99 Nexus Tablet to Beat iPad Mini

Google is rumored to be working with Asustek on two new versions of its Nexus tablet, priced at $99 and $199, apparently intended to compete directly with Apple’s iPad mini.

According to industry sources, the new versions of the tablet are expected to be thinner and will utilize panels made by HannStar Display.  Both models are reportedly scheduled to release prior to the end of 2012.

As Apple’s iPad mini is rumored to be launched in October, it looks like Google intends to stay competitive against Apple in the budget tablet category by aiming for a much lower price point than the iPad mini, supposedly priced at $299.

HannStar is also reportedly entering the supply chain for Apple’s iPad, but has yet to comment on whether it will be working with Google, Apple or both.  Asustek has denied the reports of new tablets.

If this new launch does, it would come just months after the release of Google’s $199 8 GB Nexus 7 tablet, seen as a response to Amazon’s Kindle Fire.  Amazon responded Google’s competition by releasing an even more budget-friendly 8 GB model of the Kindle Fire priced at just $159.  It seems logical that a $99 price tag would come next!

[via DigiTimes and Apple Insider]

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