Five Great Apps for the Business Traveler

Do you travel a lot for work? If so, the iPad can be an invaluable tool. Not only is it a great source of entertainment, packed with endless books, games, apps, and music, it’s also fantastic for making and organizing all of your travel plans.

Those of you who travel often will want to take a look at this list – it’s filled with great apps that will improve your traveling experience.

Flight Track Pro ($9.99) – I fly on a monthly basis, and this is the app that I use to keep track of all of my flights. It has a fantastic, easy-to-use design that allows you to track a flight in seconds using just a flight number or a destination. This app has detailed, zoomable maps and real-time departure information. It will give you updates on delays, and since the app supports international coverage, it works with flights worldwide. You can also use it to sync itineraries with TripIt, sync with your calendar, and share your flight statuses via email, Facebook and Twitter.


Kayak (Free) – Kayak is a good app to download if you’re looking for decent prices on flights, hotels, and rental cars. This mobile travel app includes a hotel search and booking tool, a flight tracker, a flight search, a car search, and a trip section that allows you to have your entire itinerary right at your fingertips. You can book your hotels right in the app and compare flight, hotel, and car rental prices so you can make sure that you’re getting the best possible price available.


Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search (Free) – Like Kayak, Hipmunk is an app that helps you find great deals on both flights and hotels. It has a great flight timeline that makes it easy to find the flight your looking for at the time that you’re looking for. It’s a smart app, meaning it doesn’t just show the cheapest app first – it takes into account travel time and stops, showing you the flight that gives you the best bang for your buck. Hotel searches let you search for results near food, landmarks, nightlife, and more.


Netflix (Free) – Netflix is an essential travel app because it puts thousands of television shows and movies right at your fingertips. If you’re not already a subscriber you should consider it, because it sure beats hotel television. You can watch anywhere if you have a 4G iPad, or on Wi-Fi if you don’t. The app is universal and so is the subscription – you can use it on your phone, your computer, and your Apple TV as well. An entry level subscription costs just $7.99, and is well worth it. Hulu Plus is also a great television watching app.


Keynote and Pages ($9.99 each) – With Apple’s word processing and presentation making apps you can transform your iPad into a fully mobile office. Use pages to whip up multi-page documents with a range of templates, and use Keynote to craft impressive presentations while you’re thousands of feet in the air. Both Pages and Keynote have intuitive interfaces, great layouts, and are easy to pick up and use. You’ll turn out great presentations and documents in no time with these apps. Need spreadsheets too? Check out Numbers.

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  • Edgar Allen

    Thanks for the great app suggestions, Juli! I recently got promoted to a position at DISH that requires a tremendous amount of travel; I have spent all day looking for some good apps to help make my new life in the air a little easier. I have Kayak and Keynote, and I might check out Hipmunk just to compare it to Kayak, but I wouldn’t suggest Netflix. I would go with the DISH Remote Access app instead. I use it to stream all of my live TV channels, and I can stream things from my DVR too. It has come in very handy during airport delays, but I really like it because I can watch the Denver local news even if I’m in New York.

  • jelly andrews

    Those are really great apps. It has amazing features that are very much useful.