Consumers Show Dissatisfaction with iOS 6. How About You?

Mobile customer research firm On Device surveyed approximately 16,000 iPhone owners in the United States, comparing those who ran iOS 6 with those who ran iOS 5.

The iPhone owners who had devices with iOS 6 were found to be slightly less satisfied with their devices than iPhone owners who were using phones with iOS 5. It’s a small drop, but significant because according to On Device, it’s the first time they’ve witnessed a drop in customer satisfaction.

“We have always seen an increase in device satisfaction as consumers upgrade their mobile operating system from one version to another,” said Alistair Hill, On Device CEO.

When Apple went from iOS 4 to iOS 5, consumer satisfaction showed strong improvements, so it is unusual to see a drop going from iOS 5 to iOS 6.

What’s the reason behind the increase in dissatisfaction with iOS 6? Apple’s Maps could be to blame. The new mapping software is riddled with errors and bugs, and in comparison to Google Maps, it is an inferior product. Many people are frustrated with Apple’s choice to remove Google Maps in the new operating system.

The App Store redesign has also left some consumers unhappy, because it now displays fewer search results, making it tough to find new apps.

What do you think of iOS 6? Are you disappointed with the upgrade? Did it live up to your expectations?

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  • Michael Noonan

    The satisfaction for iOS6 is microscopically less than for iOS 5, and much better than for iOS4. Given that the new Maps is as yet seriously underdone, you could consider this satisfaction rating a good result for Apple. The rest of iOS6 must be pretty well received.

  • Jurassic

    I’m elated with iOS 6 and all of the new features. And yes, I am including Apple Maps in that list of features that I like.

    I’ve been using Apple Maps and haven’t come across any errors yet. There are obviously errors that have to be corrected (that I haven’t encountered), but then again Google Maps is far from perfect (for example look at how bad Google Maps is in China, compared to Apple Maps).

    Any user of iOS 6 and Apple Maps would never want to download and use Google Maps as an alternative for the simple reason that Apple Maps has turn-by-turn navigation with voice, while the iOS version of Google Maps never had it (and there were other features removed from the iOS version).

    It has been reported today that Apple tried to work a deal with Google to include turn-by-turn navigation with voice (similar to the Android app), but Google refused.

    So, unless Google all of a sudden changes its mind and provides and iOS version of Google Maps similar to the Android version (very unlikely), no iOS user would ever want to download and use Google Maps again.

  • Ghodagadi

    I love the changes in iOS 6. Even Maps which for have worked well, although I think there is less detail than in Google Maps. I just don’t want Apple making Google anymore money nor Google benefiting from data from iOS map apps. But then I am speaking as an Apple shareholder.

  • Martin Gregory

    Nice review Juli for telling it as it is with the maps issue and leaving off the blinkers. I upgraded my ipad to iOS 6, and to be honest I really haven’t noticed anything different apart from the maps app. I live in Hobart in Tasmania, and the 2D maps for the area are simply atrocious. Put them side by side with Google maps and there is absolutely no contest – especially when Apple maps has completely cut off everything upstream of our major river the Derwent by creating a significant landbridge! It’s like we now have a long bay and an inland lake (named the ‘Tasman Sea’). An unnamed island has also mysteriously appeared near the mouth of the river as well. Amateurish and completely laughable. Apple have a lot of catching up to do to get their maps up to snuff, but everything else is still great.