Seven Poets and the Assassin’s Secret: Weeks 6 and 7 Wrap-up

We’re bringing you double the excitement by covering weeks 6 and 7 of Edmund Pevensey’s Seven Poets and the Assassin’s Secret. Part two of our tale came to a close at the end of week 7, as the children uncover more information about Edmund’s mysterious farm.

At Edmund’s Jessica and Julian go off together. They have a bit of adventure when Julian stumbles through a secret hole into a tunnel, which Jessica has coincidentally already seen in a dream.

Meanwhile Edmund is in Paris meeting up with Thomas Rosen, a former CIA colleague. Edmund susses out that Rosen doesn’t know about the children — but he knows that Henry’s death was connected to the stadium bombing, so why doesn’t he know about the children? Rosen promises to scrub Edmund’s record, which Edmund hopes will be enough to protect the children.

Next Edmund goes to visit Richard, whom he met — wait for it — in a Nicaraguan prison. As it turns out, Richard trained Tomás. Are things going to start moving now? Maybe, because Edmund poisons Richard with his own bottle of scotch. Richard’s last words were, “Olaf says hello.”

Edmund suspects that Tomás takes not only his victim’s life, but also their journals.

Jessica and Julian share the discover of the old tunnel with the other children, but not with Edmund. They don’t have time to go back and explore it more thoroughly because Edmund has decided to take them to see his friend Alice who runs, of all things, an orphanage. In addition to a reminder that there are other children in the world, who are even needier than our plucky crew, the children also get to see an magnificent view of Paris.

The children carve out time to explore the tunnel on Saturday when Edmund is off doing errands. Five, in his inimitable way, takes off through the tunnel at a run, only stopping when he finds a necklace with a silver star of David on it. Rather than turning around and going to tell Edmund about the tunnel, the children keep exploring, cautiously counting their steps.

Unfortunately the tunnel collapses behind them, trapping everyone but Leo and Ali below. As the trapped group looks for a second tunnel entrance Leo and Ali fret about their safety. The children in the tunnel finally push up into a small enclosed room. They are dumbstruck when, after climbing up through the crawlspace, they find they are back at the farm, and had just crawled out of the mysterious cottage.

Before they have time to mull over their discovery, Edmund arrives, takes stock of the situation and says, “it’s time for a larger discussion.”

And so part two ends, yet there are still so many unanswered questions. While Edmund remains a compelling character, the children seem merely like a plot device intended to drive an ex-CIA assassin out of retirement. Three more chapters will be released mid-week, and I’m very curious to see what Edmund decides to share with the children this time. I hope it’s something juicier than helping them dream up a way to give an orphanage a happy Christmas.

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