iOS 6 ‘Mapsgate’ – Apple Preemptively Pushed Out Google

Ever since Apple updated its mobile operating system, there has been a lot of grumblings about the newly remodeled native Maps app. Even though iOS 6 brought turn-by-turn navigation and fly-over features, the decision to do away with Google’s popular mapping service has been a hard sell on consumers.

You can almost hear the faint cry of curmudgeons as they fold their arms and say, “I want my Google Maps back.” Today, we are finding out that Apple decided to kick Google to the curb a year before their contract was up. This is really going to rile up the haters.

According to The Verge, Apple decided to revamp their native Maps app more than a year before their agreement with Google expired. Apple announced that it would be replacing Google Maps at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this past June. It has since been widely reported that the two couldn’t come to an agreement on how to move forward with the mapping service. Apple wanted turn-by-turn navigation, something that is already available with the Android version of the app, and Google wanted more prominent branding.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt was quoted by Reuters as saying, “What were we going to do, force them not to change their mind?” He believes that Apple had already made their decision and there was nothing the search engine giant could do to sway that.

Apple’s Maps app has started off slowly. Unfortunately, it may never make the kind of headway that users want. Siri is a perfect example of a service that was launched before it was ready. Now, everyone thinks it is a joke and no matter what Apple does to improve it, the virtual assistant is considered useless by many.

Supposedly, Google is working on an iOS compatible map app. The company’s Maps vice president, Brian McClendon, told Bloomberg that he is, “Committed to offering Google Maps on all platforms.” However, the company has not yet officially confirmed a future release. If you can’t stand Apple’s Maps app, you can always add Google Maps to your iPad’s home screen by visiting the website directly through Safari. When you bring up, you will see a popup message allowing you to add a direct link to your mobile device.

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  • Jurassic

    This whole controversy about Apple Maps is ludicrous.

    Fact 1: It’s a first release of a complex app, and no rational person was expecting perfection (only irrational ones)

    Fact 2: Google Maps has its share of flaws and errors, and it has been around for 10 years

    Fact 3: The iOS version of Google Maps was terrible. It was stripped-down and didn’t have turn-by-turn navigation or other features.

    Fact 4: Users of iOS devices don’t miss Google Maps, but if any do, they can use the Web version that has the same features that the app had.

    Fact 5: Nobody is forced to use Apple Maps (or Google Maps when it was available on iOS). There are many much better mapping and navigation apps available on iOS.

    Fact 6: There are some errors (of course) in the first release of Apple Maps, but I’ve been using it and haven’t come across any yet, so the issue is not as prevalent as some people have exaggerated it to be.

    Just as some people with certain biases and hatred go on a killing spree because of an innocuous video on YouTube, some people with certain biases and hatred go on a rant because an innocuous and imperfect app is released on a mobile operating system that they don’t even use.

    Either Eric Schmidt has the world’s largest ego, thinking iOS users need or want the limited iOS version of Google Maps app, or he is running scared because he realizes that all of the ad revenue that he got previously from iOS users is now going to Apple. 😉

    • Jeff

      The only thing I would like to add to this great list is one additional fact:
      Fact 7: Google made more ad revenue from iOS devices than from their own ecosystem. Not anymore they don’t and THAT is fine with me.