Google Maps App for iOS 6 Sitting in the App Store Approval Queue?

GoogleMapsThere’s always got to be something, and with the release of iOS 6 it seems that ‘something’ is the replacement of the Google Maps app with the new Apple version. The general consensus is that we all love to hate the new Apple branded app, though the concerns seem to be growing a little out of proportion compared to the actual problems. It’s a version 1.0 app and it will improve.

Still, many iOS users are waiting to upgrade to the new operating system until they can hold on tight to their Google Maps. Rumors circulating seemed to suggest that we would see a new Google Maps app soon and that it was just waiting in the queue for approval for the App Store, but Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, assures us all that they “haven’t done anything yet.”

Is the Apple Maps app as bad as everybody seems to think? Your mileage may vary. Many users have reported that they have experienced errors in locating points of interest, a lack of transit information, and witnessed strange 3D mapping imagery; my experiences have not uncovered any of these problems.

Other complaints come from high-profile critics like Steve Wozniak who was disappointed that the voice navigation wasn’t as sophisticated as he experiences on an Android device. While some people seem to be getting bad directions from the app, Wozniak chimed in to indicate that he doesn’t think the problems are really as severe as they are being made out to be.

Schmidt left the ball in Apple’s court during his latest remarks while indicating that Google still wants Apple to be their partner– though he did make sure to get a few digs in while showing off the latest version of their (fully functioning and accurate) software.

As anybody with a GPS can tell you, mapping in some areas is always better than in others and the only certainty is that it will improve with time (and you can bet that Apple is working diligently to make that happen).

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