EA Launches New FIFA 13 for iPad and iPhone

Attention soccer lovers! EA has recently released their newest title, FIFA Soccer 13, into the App Store. FIFA 13 is the most authentic, realistic soccer game you can get for iOS, with all of the drama and unpredictability of a real world soccer match.

In FIFA 13, you’ll find all new AI improvements, better dribbling, excellent ball control, plus online features and live services related to the EA Sports Football Club. According to EA, FIFA 13 is their biggest soccer game yet.

The AI in the game has grown more sophisticated. Computer players now have the ability to analyze space, work harder to break down defenses, and think several plays ahead. With the new AI, every touch on the screen matters, making matches engaging and fun.

The new, improved dribbling feature was inspired by Lionel Messi. Complete dribbling lets players face their opponents and use precise dribble touches with 360 degree control of the ball, making for far more creative matches in 1v1 games. An enhanced touch control system goes hand in hand with the dribbling, and an all new player impact engine improves physical play.

With the EA Sports Football Club, players can earn rewards, level up, connect with friends, and participate in live Challenges based on real world soccer events.

You can download EA’s FIFA Soccer 13 from the App Store, where it is available for both the iPhone and the iPad for $6.99.

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