Australia Government Uses iPad Apps to Help Entrepreneurs

In an effort to drum up small business interest, the Australian government just created business-related apps to help individuals make the leap to independent business ownership. If you are thinking about starting a business, you don’t have to be Australian to take advantage of these helpful apps.

MyBizPlan and MarketMyBiz were announced at the FutureGov Summit in Canberra, Australia by the Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation, Kate Lundy.

The apps are intended to help individuals through the difficult process of planning and developing a new business. “The planning process for companies can be daunting, but sound planning is required to start, run and grow a successful business,” said Lundy. “By making planning templates available in a tablet app format, it will now be easier for businesses to create plans and update, share and store them online.”

The Australian government launched another business-related app one year ago that has received positive feedback. MyBizShield offers advice on how to protect businesses in the event of an emergency. It helps users create an emergency management and recovery plan that is customizable and offers tips on protecting important information from possible future emergencies, including backing up of data and having proper insurance records.

The two new apps are geared toward creating a business. MyBizPlan offers help in creating a business plan that makes it easier to get loans, plan out future details, and help grow the company. MarketMyBiz is dedicated to helping small business owners make a name for themselves. The app helps users create marketing plans to reach their target audience, boost customer base, and increase the company’s bottom line.

With all this extra help from the Australian government, individuals can look forward to a successful small business. It also shows how important the iPad is becoming as a business tool. Before you even start your company, the iPad can be a helpful guide to getting off the ground.

“This technology is the way forward and the planning apps are a great way of helping small business owners take advantage of new technology to improve the way they operate,” said Executive Director of the Council of Small Business of Australia, Peter Strong. “Having your plan right there on your tablet device, means you can refer to your planning information really quickly anywhere. It’s not sitting in a filing cabinet somewhere collecting dust.”

Although these apps are geared toward residents of Australia, anyone can download and take advantage of the business plans and marketing plans. How to market to your target audience has universal appeal.

Just be sure to adjust your location for such things as getting business loans and information on federal and state laws.

[via IT Wire]

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