Top 5 iPad Apps for Doctors

iPads are becoming increasingly popular in hospitals, and more and more doctors are adopting Apple’s tablet because it has so many amazing uses. In this app list, you’ll find apps for patient education, prescribing medicine, and more. If you’re a doctor, a medical student, a nurse, or are a part of the medical field, make sure to check out this list of must have apps.

PocketPharmacist ($0.99) – This app is designed for both those who take medicine and those who prescribe it. It’s the perfect app for doctors to double check to make sure that two medicines won’t interfere with one another, because it has a special Med Check feature that automatically checks for drug interactions and side effects. The app also contains summarized drug information on more than 1,320 medications that are regularly prescribed, and it is equipped with built-in resources like pill identifiers, symptom search, and more.


Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas 2 ($29.99) – Visible Body is a pricy app, but it is an incredible tool for doctors, nurses, med students, and anyone who wants to learn more about the human body. This app comes equipped with more than 1,000 structures, realistic tissue textures, and the ability to create and save your own views. You can display and study more than 3,400 anatomical structures with keyword search, making this a great app for patient education. You can even create and save your own views to easy access to parts of the body that you want to show or explain.


Heart Pro III ($9.99) – There are a range of Nova apps on all of the systems on the body, which are great for learning, teaching, and patient education. If you have a patient that recently had a heart attack, or a patient with a heart defect, you can use this app to point out the trouble areas, in full 3D with easily understandable diagrams. This app has a 360 3D rotating view of the heart, 19 animations, and 62 detailed images that make it perfect for all uses, whether you’re a doctor, a patient, a nurse, or a medical student.


iBP Blood Pressure ($0.99) – If you have patients who need to monitor their blood pressure, iBP is a great app to recommend. It’s a blood pressure tracking and analysis tool that uses color icons to indicate when blood pressure values are normal, high, or hypertensive. There’s an interactive graph, which will let patients know when it’s time to call the doctor. This app can sync to all of your iOS devices and you can share screenshots of graphs so patients can monitor themselves and share their progress later.


Medscape (Free) – Medscape from WebMD is a leading medical resource that’s used frequently by physicians, medical students, and nurses to get clinical information. It provides drug prescribing and safety information on more than 8,000 brand name and generic drugs and supplements, has a drug interaction checker, and includes pill images, detailed drug pricing, and more. There’s also an entire section on news with new content provided daily on 34 different speciality areas, and there are more than 4,000 articles by leading experts along with more than 600 procedure videos.

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