Swiss Railway Claims Apple Stole Clock Design for New iOS 6 Clock

With the release of iOS 6, the iPad got a long awaited clock application. The iPhone has had an included clock since its debut years ago, but the iPad was always left out.

The iPad’s new clock app features a simple black, white, and red design. Because the iPad offers larger screen real estate, the clocks look different than those found in the iPhone’s clock app. iPad clocks are bigger, better defined, and on the whole, look great. There’s just one little problem: Apple imitated the design of the Swiss Railway Clock.

The Swiss Railway Clock, which does look remarkably similar to the clock used in the iPad app, is a design and trademark owned by the SBB or Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen (Swiss Railway). The SBB is planning to ask Apple for financial compensation.

A spokesman for the railway explained that while the company likes that Apple used the Swiss Railway Clock, it did so without authorization. The railway is going to contact Apple, with the goal of obtaining a legal and financial solution to the use of the clock in the iPad.

Apple Switzerland was contacted about the matter and had no comment, placing the blame on the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

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