Play as a Cranky Skateboarding Grandma in Granny Smith – iPad App Review

Granny Smith, a game from Mediocre AB, the developers behind ultra fun game Sprinkle, is another endless running app that you won’t be able to put down.

In Granny Smith, you’ll play as a grandmother who just loves her tasty green apples. A naughty rollerskating bandit is on a mission to steal the apples from her garden, so Granny straps on her own skates and goes after him, skating through farmland and cityscapes in order to save her precious fruit.

This is a fast-paced endless racing game that will both frustrate and delight players of all ages. The goal is to get to the apples before the kid, and to do so, you’ll need to pull off some flawless skating maneuvers.

While Granny skates endlessly forward, you do have two buttons to control her movement. The button on the right side of the screen controls her jumps, while the button on the left side of the screen controls her cane, which is used to grab onto objects like clotheslines.

Controlling Granny’s jumps is not just a simple matter of pressing the button. No, you must time Granny’s jumps so that she always lands on her feet, otherwise she’ll fall flat on her backside, losing coins and losing time.

This game is a constant race against the apple bandit, and to get to the three apples in each level before he does, you need to perform almost flawlessly. That means you’ll often be restarting levels for a perfect score, replaying until you can navigate each level with ease.

You can move on from a level after grabbing just one apple, so this is a game that can be played by those of you who are looking for a casual experience and those of you who like more intense, achievement focused gameplay.

Granny Smith has impressive graphics and an even more impressive physics engine. When Granny doesn’t quite make a jump or fails to land on her feet, she’ll crash down with surprising realism.

The coins that you earn in the game (while skating) can be used to purchase power ups, which will help Granny on her journey. You’re also able to unlock other characters, Scruffy and Stanley, through gameplay, which keeps the game dynamic and interesting.

Avoiding obstacles and grabbing on to zip lines can be a challenging task, so this game is definitely not without some frustration. Still, it’s a lot of fun to play as a stunt skating granny, and I didn’t really mind replaying a level a few times to learn the ropes.

If you love endless running games, especially those that are able to provide a challenge, you’ll love this hybrid racing game. Granny Smith is the perfect pick up and play anytime kind of game.

What I liked: The graphics are great. Everything looks amazing, and the physics are entirely realistic. This reminded me a lot of the skateboarding games in the App Store, because Granny needs to pull off some pretty impressive tricks to make it through each level in a timely manner.

What I didn’t like: Levels can get repetitive. Though the scenery changes, the goal does not, so I’d recommend playing the game in short bursts of time. There are no Game Center achievements, which was disappointing.

To buy or not to buy: At just $0.99, Granny Smith is priced right. If you’re looking for a fun pick up and play game, you won’t go wrong with Granny Smith.

  • App Name: Granny Smith
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Mediocre AB
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:


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