Nothing Beats a Good Night of Sleep To Keep Your Immune System Strong – iPad Sleep App List

There is a reason our bodies need rest. While we are sleeping, our minds get to sift through the day’s information and purge the garbage, while storing the important stuff. Some people have a hard time getting to sleep. Others have a hard time staying asleep. We’ve got a list of apps that help you with both. Grab your pillow and a glass of warm milk and settle into our list of apps to help you sleep.

Sleep Pillow Sounds: White Noise Machine App ($1.99) In order to turn off your brain when it is time to go to sleep, you may need a solid white noise maker. This app includes dozens of audio clips that range from natural sounds, like rainfall, to urban sounds, like a washing machine. The app runs in the background so you can use your clock app at night and there is an internal volume control so you can turn up the white noise without turning up the wake alarm on your other app. There is a timer so that you don’t have to keep the sound on all night long, either. The free version includes nine of the basic sounds, but if you want more variety, download the premium version.

Sleep App Self-Hypnosis & Guided Meditation by Rachel Meddows ($3.99) Sometimes, you need extra help getting to sleep. Most people can alleviate their sleeplessness with some good old-fashioned white noise, but some need help by way of self-hypnosis. This app utilizes therapeutic hypnotherapy tracks to help you put yourself to sleep. With this app, you will learn how to use hypnosis to induce sleep. You can choose from a variety of white noise tracks and adjust the length of time that the audio runs. There is a built in alarm clock, or you can program the app to allow you to remain asleep after the session is complete. There are also customized video options to help you relax.

Sleep Cycle Tuner- Advance Binaural Brainwave Entertainment for Sleep ($0.99) This advanced-sleep aid uses multi-channel sound frequencies, set to low, to induce sleep. It includes a specific feature for jetlag relief that recreates low frequencies to allow you to relax your mind. The advanced binaural sequences let you set a sleep cycle, or a wake-up routine. You can adjust the intensity for more or less ambient sound. Sometimes, your brain just doesn’t want to go to sleep. For those nights, use a more intense session. If you know you will sleep well, set a light session so that you won’t be awakened by the white noise later in the night. Users can set multiple durations manually or by selecting pre-programmed sessions.

aSleep ($0.99) This is one of only a handful of sleep aid apps that includes a clock. I don’t know about you, but if I wake up in the middle of the night, the first thing I do is check the time. If I don’t know what time it is, I struggle with getting back to sleep. This app includes a night clock, a wake-up alarm with snooze, and a wide variety of sleep sounds, including nature sounds, machinery sounds, synthesizer sounds, instruments and lullabies. The volume and speed of sound is adjustable from within the app. If you don’t know what type of sound you are in the mood to listen to, shake your iPad to shuffle and fall asleep to whichever random track pops up. You’ll be counting sheep in no time.


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