Monster Trouble Dark Side Turns Tower Defense Upside-Down – iPad App Review

There are loads of tower defense games in the App Store. Frankly, I can’t get enough of them. I love setting up turrets and annihilating baddies as they try to invade my kingdom. Monster Trouble Dark Side takes that idea and throws it out the window. Instead, players are tasked with invading the kingdom.

You can think of this game as Monster Trouble HD from another point of view.

Players start by sending monsters to their doom. And doomed they will be. There are no instructions or explanations or hints. You just give your monsters a tap and send them, blindly into battle. You’ll lose all your men the first five times, at least.

Unlike traditional tower defense games, you don’t have the higher ground. Players are stuck with a small, weak army and have little hope of victory.

However, victory is possible. I almost gave up and considered this game a complete loss. That is, until I reigned victorious over my human foes. The key is strategy. The strategy is to invade from behind. Sneak attacks always work best.


Pinch to zoom out and discover all of the areas that a monster can be placed as a starting point. Zoom back in to watch the battle take place and heal your soldiers when you can.

Players get a certain number of monster soldiers to send to battle, usually only about 10. There are always a few different starting points that monsters can be placed. This is where the strategy planning comes in. If you place your monsters at the wrong starting point, they will be defeated. You have to find the right spot for them to begin the invasion. You’ll fail the first try almost every time. The key is not to give up. Find another starting point and restart the invasion.


Once you’ve placed your monsters, they are all on their own. Players don’t have any control over which route they take, which towers they attack, or when they move. The only thing you can do is heal or shield your soldiers, but there is a very limited supply of potions. Players usually get three or four potions, but soldiers are very weak and die off quickly. Sometimes, you’ll heal a monster right after he dies and the potion will be wasted.

This game is hard – very, very hard – but only at first. Once you realize that you just have to find the right strategy, you’ve got hope that you will be able to continue. If you really feel overwhelmed, reduce the difficulty in the settings section.


What I liked: I like the change of pace from traditional tower defense games. The villagers also make funny sounds depending on whether they are winning or losing.

What I didn’t like: This game really needs a better tutorial. There needs to be some hints added and it should be made more obvious that you can change the difficulty settings. This game is too hard to not have some guidance.

To buy or not to buy: If you have patience, and enjoy a real challenge, then this is a fun game. It takes some getting used to, but I recommend it for fans of tower defense games that are looking for something different.

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