Give Your iPad A Minimalist Display with the Desktop Chair – Hands-On Accessory Review

We’re always on the lookout for sturdy display stands that also look nice. Sometimes, the best design is the simplest one. The Desktop Chair by Moku is both sturdy and minimalist in design and we’ve got a hands-on review of it for you today.

The curved basswood stand arrives unfinished. You must add the felt lining and the rubber discs for footing. This set up is very easy and will only take a few seconds at the most. Once you’ve properly dressed the Desktop Chair, it is ready to go.

The simple, yet sleek display holds the iPad at about a 45-degree angle in either portrait or landscape mode. The wood curves around to act as an anchor, keeping the iPad from slipping out. The display stand was originally designed to hold a laptop, but it works great with any device that is 1.2 inches or less thick. That means, any tablet, any laptop, any book, anything you want to display will fit comfortably into this stand.

Sturdiness is very important when it comes to stands. If it isn’t weighted correctly, the iPad will tip over, If it isn’t designed properly, the stand will wiggle around too much when you tap the device. The Desktop Chair has a high back so that, even in portrait mode, the iPad stays in place. The design of this stand allows for a fairly small footprint, while maintaining a very sturdy balance. There was a bit of wiggle, but only when tapping at the most furious of apps. The base measures approximately 5.5 inches at its widest point and is about 4.5 inches deep.

The Desktop Chair is a fantastic stand for those looking to combine elegance and strength. It doesn’t take up much space and looks amazing in any environment.

What I liked: The minimalist design gives it a very pleasing appearance. Your iPad looks like it is meditating while it is sitting in the Desktop Chair. I liked that the stand fits on my cluttered desktop without taking up too much room.

What I didn’t like: There is no area cut out for access to the Home button. This stand was created for laptops, so the designer wasn’t thinking about iPad specs. Depending on what you will use the Desktop Chair for, you may not even notice that the Home button disappears when the iPad is in portrait mode. This is a minor inconvenience if you just want to display your iPad and intend on taking it off of the stand when you want to use it.


The Verdict: The minimalist stand even has a minimalist price. It looks amazing and is sturdy enough to stay put while playing Fruit Ninja. The elegant design adds appeal to any room in the house. It is a great display stand for the iPad.

  • Name: Desktop Chair
  • Manufacturer: Moku Woodware
  • Price: $37.99
  • Score:

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