Apple Spokesperson Says Flakey iOS 6 Maps App Will Get Better Over Time

Earlier today we posted on the poor reception that Apple’s new Maps application is receiving. There are hundreds of complaints from users around the globe, stating that Maps has locations listed erroneously, and that much of the data that Google Maps provided is missing from the new application, including directions using public transportation.

It’s already been labeled as inaccurate and bug ridden, so needless to say, at this point in time, Apple’s Maps application pales in comparison to Google Maps. On the plus side though, Apple is hard at work fixing the problems.

Here’s what Apple spokeswoman Trudy Miller had to say:

“Customers around the world are upgrading to iOS 6 with over 200 new features including Apple Maps, our first map service. We are excited to offer this service with innovative new features like Flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, and Siri integration. We launched this new map service knowing it is a major initiative and that we are just getting started with it.

Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get. We’re also working with developers to integrate some of the amazing transit apps in the App Store into iOS Maps. We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer service even better.”

Truthfully, Maps is not so bad when it works. I live in a major metropolitan area and the maps here are functional, filled out, and simple to use. Turn-by-turn, which gets its data from TomTom works well too, but in more remote areas, there are serious problems.

If it’s going to get better, Apple ought to rush those improvements. Word has it that Google is working on its own mapping application for the App Store, and at this point, I think many users would download it and stash Apple’s own Maps in a far corner of a folder.

According to AllThingsD, sources have revealed that Apple’s Maps team is currently under lockdown, working hard to fix it up.

In the meantime, if you’re having trouble with Apple’s Maps application, you can still access Google Maps using mobile Safari on your iPad and your iPhone.

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