Twitter for iPad Update – A Step Back?

TwitterThe official Twitter app was updated on Tuesday, adding a redesigned iPad experience. Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO, announced the news yesterday, calling the new app “beautiful and easy to use.”

Downloaders of the app have largely disagreed with that assessment, and many reviews of the new app in the App Store have deemed it a downgrade rather than an upgrade.

Twitter’s original iPad app was designed over a year ago by Loren Brichter of Tweetie, so the app was ripe for an update, but after downloading the app to try it out, I quickly deleted it, as did many others.

The app is boring, generic, and has lost a lot of its usability. I’m not the only user who felt that way.

According to Wade Rouch of Xconomy, “The sliding panels that made navigating to tweeted content such a pleasure are gone, replaced by an awkward system in which tweets first ‘expand’ (on the first tap) and then disappear.”

John Gruber of Daring Fireball said “They threw away Loren Brichter’s groundbreaking UI and replaced it with a timeline where you can’t tap anything.”

The Twitter app has received hundreds of negative reviews in the App Store from unhappy users. The app has been deemed slow, ugly, buggy, and a total step back from the original version.

Have you had a chance to try the new Twitter app? What do you think of the upgrade?

If you’re looking for an excellent Twitter experience and are fed up with the official app, you might want to give Tweetbot a try. It’s currently on sale for $0.99 in the App Store.

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  • Henry A. Chilcott

    I disagree; I much rather like the new Twitter app. It feels cleaner, more fluid, and faster to navigate. I hated the sliding panels, they constantly caused problems.

    • Juli Clover

      I bet you’re one of those people who likes black licorice too!

      Just kidding :)

      I can see how the simplicity would be appealing, for sure. I just can’t use it over the ultimate Twitter app, Tweetbot.

  • Ola Rynge

    The new iPad app doesn’t seems to be working with first gen iPads :(