Seven Poets and the Assassin’s Secret: Week Five Wrap-up

Here we are at the rough mid-way point in the iPad fictional serial Seven Poet’s and the Assassin’s Secret. Who’s still with me? As we move onto the second half of the story, I’m looking forward to learning more about the baddies, particularly the “Devil.”

Part two continued with Edmund considering his options. Should the children leave the ranch, and if they do, where would they go?

Through Edmund we meet Alice. Edmund gives Alice a silver locket that will emit a sound indicating either that he and the children are dead or that Alice is to collect them near the ranch and bring them to the American Embassy in Paris. That sounds like Plan B, but we still don’t know what comprises Edmund’s plan A.

We learn that Edmund’s death was faked by the US government, and while that seems like it should make him the ideal guardian for the children, he worries that anyone with the resources to connect him to Henry could then find the children.

We also meet Marcus Olaf, aka ‘Solomon,’ an industrialist with underworld connections and a library of black market data. He is also linked to “the Devil,” a powerful man who may be affiliated with Tomás. Solomon publishes a report that sounds like Wikileaks, but is only available to select subscribers, and Edmund wants his name scrubbed from the data. To do that, however, it seems like he may have to kill again. He also mails a cryptic letter to the editor of the Broadside, opening up the tantalizing possibility that Seven Poet’s two narrative streams will become interwoven.

This week it seems that all roads lead to Texas. Texas is home to the Broadside, and Texas was home to Edmund and Henry as boys.

As the story continues the atmosphere at the farm is busy and full of life. Edmund begins to employ a type of mobile Socratic method, questioning the children as they walk in the woods. He also informs the children they will need new surnames. Five surprises everyone by using his newly fixed skateboard to take off, and Edmund demonstrates his knife throwing skills to a fascinated Julian.

The Broadside continued to give readers a glimpse of what’s happening beyond Edmund’s farm in the world of Seven Poets. We learn that while J&D are trying to blame Richter for the attack, his blood was found in a van outside the stadium, implying that he couldn’t have died in the stadium collapse. Tensions between the US and Syria escalate, and as readers we are supposed to wonder if war is imminent.

It looks like we got the chapters for week six in one tidy package, and week seven’s release looks to follow a similar pattern. Do you like getting the chapters all at once, or would you prefer to receive them throughout the week. While I like the idea of real-time chapter delivery, I’ve found that I end up reading the chapters all at once.

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  • John Gruber

    I like getting the chapters throughout the week. I read all of the last chapters right away and am now eagerly awaiting this coming Sunday.