More iPad Mini Mockups Videos Hit the Web

Now that the hubbub of the iPhone 5 is starting to subside, we are getting more rumors about the purported iPad mini. Maybe you thought that, since Apple didn’t announce it at the recent product event, it was a lost rumor in the mill. Think again. Not only is the iPad mini rumor still going strong, but there is talk of another announcement in October where Apple will reveal their smaller-screen tablet.

There have been so many rumored leaks of the specifications of the iPad mini that some fans are creating mockups of the device in order to see what may be coming soon. You can even buy one for yourself for only $15 from Chinese online retailer Taobao.

Tech news site got their hands on a mockup and posted images and videos of it for the rest of us to see. The mini has a thinner bezel than the current iPad and features a black strip across the top, implying the inclusion of a cellular radio. The dock connector matches the new iPhone and iPod models with the “Lightning” dock connector. There are also two, centered speakers as opposed to the current, single side speaker.

The power and lock screen button, the volume button, and the headphone jack are all in the same place as the current iPad. There is also a spot for a micro SIM card, instead of a nano SIM card.

Check out the video below to see the mockup compared with an iPhone,  iPad, and another seven-inch tablet.

While the mockup is nothing more than someone’s imagination in physical form, it does add to the overwhelming excitement that the iPad mini might be coming soon to a retail store near you. The question is, will we see the smaller tablet this holiday season, or will we have to wait until Apple’s normal iPad release dates in March.

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