Developers Support for Passbook Proves Strong as Apps Begin Hitting App Store

If you haven’t downloaded iOS 6 yet, now is the time to do it. The operating system comes with a slew of enhancements, including Apple’s much anticipated Passbook.

Passbook is a new feature that is able to store digital tickets, boarding passes, store cards, and coupons, all in one app. After updating, I added a few store cards to Passbook, and I’m ultra excited to try it out later tonight.

The app promises to allow you to scan the cards or tickets using just your phone, and it also brings up necessary information when you’re near a store where you might use a card. For example, I scanned in a grocery store card, and the app will display it when I enter said store.

Pretty neat, right?

That’s not all. App developers are quickly embracing the service, and apps like Ticketmaster, Fandango, and Lufthansa have begun offering event and flight tickets via Passbook. Stores like Walgreens and Target are also participating, and more companies, like Starbucks, are expected to participate as well.

Passes that are purchased through Passbook are added to the service automatically, and can be used like a regular paper pass. You can get Passbook as a part of iOS 6, which was released today.

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