iControlPad 2 Shows Up New Open Source Functionality via Kickstarter

ControlPad 2While the original iControlPad boasted being “the worlds smallest, lightest and fully functional bluetooth gaming controller,” the second version of this successful device is a whole lot more (or at least it will be if they can secure the requisite funding to get started with production).

Features of the iControlPad 2 include a full QWERTY keyboard, digital D-Pad, 2 analogue nubs, 4 face buttons, Start, Select and 2 shoulder buttons with Open Source control.

This open source functionality means that it should work with nearly any app thanks to new overlay software that allow for mapping the iControlPad2 controls and keys to screen presses in iOS or Android.

Making this accessory even more valuable is that the iControlPad 2 is compatible with your iPhone, iPod Touch or any other device equipped with Bluetooth. Of course, if you are using it with a phone (iPhone, Android or otherwise), there is a new swivel-holder that lets you quickly fold it out of sight and mind when you need to answer a call.

I would expect that most people wouldn’t carry this with them at all times or have it attached permanently to their iPhone (though it isn’t very big sitting at nearly the same dimensions as an iPhone 4), but it certainly does offer a unique gaming experience (or the ability to type much faster for much longer) for those times when those features could be truly appreciated. It may also satisfy those last few BlackBerry holdouts who fear the touch screen because they are used to a tactile keyboard on their smartphone.

If this Kickstarter project is fully funded by their October 13 deadline, the company promises to have these devices in consumer hands in time for Christmas –which would be a marvelous addition to many of our wish-lists (especially the true geeks out there that salivate over the idea of Amiga/C64/PC/ZX Spectrum/Atari/Amstrad emulation with complete Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick support).

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