Attention Cox Subscribers: Cox TV Connect for iPad Has Received a New Update

CoxIf you are a Cox subscriber you may already be a fan of their Cox TV Connect app. When you load Cox TV Connect on your iPad you can watch streaming live TV from anywhere in your house. Fortunately for those people, this valuable app has an updated feature list that includes the ability to schedule recordings on your DVR remotely (something that used to be left to the Mobile Connect iPhone app), watch the closed captioning or access the recently upgraded grid-guide whether you are inside or outside of your house –so you will never miss your favorite show because you weren’t able to see when it was coming on!

Using this app you have always been able to take advantage of your Cox TV Essential or Advanced TV and Cox Preferred, Premier or Ultimate Internet service to watch a variety of popular channels; what is more surprising is you can also use the app to manage Home Phone calls and Voice Mail as well.

While the app is a rather marvelous concept and quickly becoming a standard issue feature for television service providers in this mobile age, it would be nice if there was a way for subscribers to watch programs while outside of their home networks. This is where the real value lives: and is something most of us would be more than willing to pay for.

Nonetheless it is nice to see an update to the Cox TV Connect app and will be welcomed by families with a growing number of iOS devices –no more competing for the television when your favorite show comes on (and you can avoid the problem my family has where one person wants to watch something that may not be appropriate for children, now with their iPad and headphones everybody is happy)!

If you are a Cox Subscriber with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, grab the updated version of the App for free directly from the App Store.

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