Updated iCloud.com Showcases New Reminders and Notes Apps Ahead of iOS 6 Debut

Back in May, Apple released a beta of the revamped version of iCloud online to developers in order to test the product and work out the bugs. The site, iCloud.com, is a convenient website that allows users to access their cloud storage from any browser, anywhere. Today, 9to5Mac discovered that the new iCloud.com is officially live. Make sure you’ve already registered your iPad with iCloud to sign in.

The main page of the website uses the traditional app icons that have becomes so familiar with Apple’s mobile devices. However, it looks more like the Mac feature, Mission Control.

Once logged in, users can access their @me.com account (soon to be replaced by @icloud.com), their device’s contacts, calendar, notes, and reminders. One of the best features is the ability to access iWorks documents. If you have Pages on your iPad and your Mac, you can work on documents on one and finish them on another, without missing a beat.

Probably the most important feature on iCloud.com is the ability to access the Find My iPhone/iPad application. If some thieving seagull snatches up your iPhone and flies away with it, you can log into the iCloud website to track it down.

If you are already familiar with iCloud.com, these features aren’t new. The changes come in the addition of the Reminders and Notes app. Users must have a @me.com email address to open Notes. You can sign up for one through your settings app on your iPad.

You don’t need any subscription or any additional information to join iCloud.com. Just sign in using your Apple ID and the password associated with it.

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