Fieldrunners 2 HD for iPad Finally Hits the App Store

If you’re not familiar with Fieldrunners, it’s one of the top tower defense games in the App Store. It was first introduced 2008 and downloaded millions of times over the years. An iPad app was added in 2010.

In July of this year, Subatomic Studios released the iPhone follow up to Fieldrunners, Fieldrunners 2, surprising all of its loyal fans by neglecting to release an iPad version in addition to the iPhone version. That’s been remedied, and the developer finally has an HD version available in the App Store.

Fieldrunners 2 features the same gameplay as the iPhone version, but adds iPad Retina support in addition to these extra features:

• Cannonball Tower lets you play pool with Fieldrunners!
• Zap Tower electrocutes groups with chains of lightning!
• Sonic Tower blasts enemies like a shotgun of sound!
• Slow Link Tower freezes enemies as they march through lasers!
• Machine Gun Tower fires powerful bullets with tracers!
• One and a half hours of developer commentary!
• Transfer game saves with iCloud!

These extras don’t come cheap, though – Fieldrunners 2 HD will run you $7.99, which is a full $5 over the cost of the iPhone version. Still, if you’re a fan of the series or if you love tower defense games, Fieldrunners 2 HD is well worth the cost.

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