Apple Restores iCloud Email After Outage, Some Users Still Missing Emails

Nothing drives home how essential email is to our daily lives like losing access to it for 24 hours. Like many other iCloud email users, I was hit by this week’s outage. I lost access to my iCloud email account, which I use to push email from a variety of addresses to my various iOS devices. So, yeah, it was kind of a big deal.

Apple’s iCloud status page (which currently states that all services are online) said only 1.1% of iCloud users were affected. After reading forum posts with similar complaints, I determined the problem wasn’t on my end, so I placed a call to Apple Care.  I was directed to the iCloud support page and told there was nothing for me to do but wait.

Even though the status page listed when the next update would appear, I still checked it frequently, hitting refresh to see if there was any news. It was reminiscent to losing power and calling the electric company’s 1-800 number to wait for a prediction of when the lights were coming back on. In other words, pretty futile.

Oddly, my email started working just as Apple was concluding its iPhone 5 announcement. Messages that I had missed during the outage flooded my account initially, then continued to straggle in for about 10 hours after my service returned.

Things were even worse for some users. Since it wasn’t clear where the problem was, some users changed their email settings, and might have lost messages as a result. Users who suspect they are still missing mail can try to restore mail with Time Machine. If that seems a little too complex, consider sending out a blanket email to the folks who write to you the most asking anyone to resend whatever they emailed to you during the outage.

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via CNET

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