Verizon Plans to Offer Cellular FaceTime to All Customers, Unlike AT&T

VerizonAT&T may not be planning to offer all of its users FaceTime over cellular, but Verizon, hoping to get a leg up on the competition, will allow all of its iPhone customers to access FaceTime with 3G and 4G without an additional charge.

As you may remember, AT&T announced that while it did plan to offer cellular FaceTime, a feature coming in iOS 6, to its shared data users, its regular users would not be able to access the service.

According to a company spokeswoman, all Verizon users will be able to use FaceTime, which is a data intensive application, without paying extra.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses over at Verizon. If you upgrade to the new iPhone, with its 4G connectivity, you will be forced to accept a new data plan, giving up any grandfathered unlimited data plans in the process.

AT&T is allowing its grandfathered customers to update their plans to 4G with no additional cost, but those users won’t be able to access cellular FaceTime.

Neither option is great for loyal iPhone users. Those of us with AT&T can keep our unlimited plans from years past without being able to use the new FaceTime feature, while those of us with with Verizon can access FaceTime over cellular, at the cost of the grandfathered data plans.

No one gets to have it all, it seems.

Oh, wait. We still Sprint have! Sprint plans to offer both unlimited data and unfettered access to cellular FaceTime, making it the sweetest carrier of the bunch at the moment. The caveat? No 4G network.

Will you switch carriers because of 3G/4G FaceTime? What do you think of the AT&T and Verizon data plans?

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