Mount your iPad In The Front Seat With These Car Mounts

Earlier this week, we told you about some of our favorite iPad headrest mounts to keep the younglings busy in the back while you focus on the road. However, not everyone needs kid-friendly iPad mounts. For the solo driver who needs a hands-free way to access their iPad, we’ve got a few clever solutions we think you’ll like.

Padholdr Edge Floor Kit ($99.99)Padholdr is a go-to spot for lots of different iPad mounts. They specialize in floor mounts for your car. Each of their floor mounts are designed to bolt securely to the seat bolt of the passenger seat and includes an 18-inch flexible arm so you can position your iPad in the most convenient location without it getting in the way of your dashboard. The Edge comes with a secure holder that fits a variety of tablets and can even be adjusted to hold your iPad in place while it is in a case. Just bolt the mount to your passenger seat and you’re ready to go.

Satechi SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount ($39.99) If you have at least one cup holder in the center console of your car, this convenient mount might be the solution to your front-seat iPad needs. All you have to do is stuff the mount into your cupholder and you’ll have your tablet by your side. It features a secure mount that has adjustable pivoting up, down, left, and right action. The mount includes two sizes of cradles. One adjustable holder fits a variety of tablets and the other is meant to secure smartphones in place. The heavy-duty square connector allows for 360-degree adjustment while the pivot offers 80 degree vertical and horizontal adjustment.

RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount ($57.00) If you live in a state where it is legal to stick things to the windshield (California law prohibits drivers from having anything on their windshield that can obstruct their view), then you might want a sturdy suction cup mount to have your iPad right in front of you. The twist-lock suction cup base is sturdy and reliable and will grip your windshield with the force of a thousand octopus tentacles. You can easily use your iPad as a GPS tracker, especially once iOS 6 turns your Maps Apps into a turn-by-turn navigation system.


MountGuys Removable Dash and Desktop Mount ($24.95) If you don’t want to have your iPad stuck to your windshield, but you do want it at a convenient eye level, you may want to check out the “Removable No Glue Sticky Car Dash & Desktop Tablet and iPad Mount.” I know, the name is really long. The MountGuys have a low profile mount that features a removable sticky adhesive that is both strong and easy to remove. The spring-loaded grips hold the iPad firmly in place and the holder is adjustable so you can use your tablet with a case. You can easily access your iPad without worrying about whether your state allows windshield mounting.

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