Could iPhone 5 Launch Trigger an LTE Patent War for Apple?

Finally, Apple delivered the fastest data network possible to the iPhone. We’ve been waiting over a year for the iPhone to be 4G LTE compatible. The fact that the iPad got the upgrade before the iPhone did is bewildering in itself. Now that the iPhone is getting some 4G love, there is a fairly good chance that the patent wars will ignite once again.

According to DigiTimes, industry analysts are predicting the new iPhone to have a major impact on Android smartphone vendors as more and more customers will be enticed to switch to iOS.

This flux in new iPhone purchases is likely to cause a stir with smartphone makers who were sitting pretty in their 4G castles. “While other brands including Samsung Electronics, Nokia, Motorola Mobility, Sony Mobile Communications and HTC all set to release new models in the fourth quarter, the iPhone 5 will continue to prevail and attract Android and BlackBerry phone users,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

Samsung is reportedly pushing back against Apple with its typical patent suits. Apparently, Samsung believes that the iPhone maker is infringing on some LTE technology. HTC is also trying to claim ownership of the same technology.

“Samsung claims that it boasts a total of 819 valid patents related to LTE technology, while Apple has 318 patents as recorded by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) plus 116 patents owned by the Rockstar Consortium in which Apple holds a stake.”

Even though Samsung may own more patents than Apple in the LTE department, it doesn’t mean the company will win the war. We are sure to see lots of litigation stories over the next few months.

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