Apple Makes it Easy to Find Out if a New iOS 6 Feature is Available in Your Country

iOS 6

One of the most frustrating things for anybody living outside of the United States is knowing whether these new goodies that Apple has announced will be available (or work as advertised ) in your area of the world. Speaking as a Canadian, I am especially thankful that Apple has now recognized this pain-point and released a page that allows you to see which iOS 6 features are not currently available in every country.

With so many updated (and highly-anticipated) features localized, including the turn-by-turn navigation and Siri, it can be difficult to figure out if you should be excited or disappointed (at least for now). Using the list provided by Apple you can take a look at each feature and see the availability from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately for me it looks like the 3D maps of buildings is something that I am going to have to wait for, though I did notice that Siri is taking on a lot more functionality for me and my fellow Canadians in this new iOS release.

Some of the restrictions were more surprising than others. The Business Reviews and Photos section of the new Maps app from Apple is available in surprisingly few countries (with big players like Australia missing from that list). If you want to make restaurant reservations, you will need to be in the USA, Mexico or Canada however and movie Showtimes are only available for the USA, Canada and the UK.

Of course more common and established things like iTunes and the App Store are very widely implemented and will leave very few Apple fans behind.

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